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Just how many instances of misconduct aren’t being reported to your organisation?

Existing solutions within organisations don’t provide 100% confidence to the workforce that they won’t be identified. In addition, it’s hard to retrieve digital evidence from informants without risk of identification. We have fixed that by providing secure anonymous two-way communications and sharing of digital evidence between informants and HR/Professional Standards and Counter Corruption teams.

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Completely anonymous reporting removes reluctance to phone, email or fill in a form

Secure transfer of digital evidence such as screenshots, bodycam video, and audio recordings

Move from one way to two way secure and anonymous discussions with your informants

Transformational for Avon and Somerset Police, we're building an even better version for you

When employed previously by the force our team previously built a similar solution within Avon and Somerset, but this new version from Digital Rebels is even better. We are looking for a pilot organisation to partner with to get feedback as we develop the full solution from beta to production. This organisation will get the product half-price for the first year. It won't require a project team or significant involvement from IT at this point, just running things past HR/Professional Standards/ Counter Corruption team members from time-to-time. We know how busy you all are so we aim to minimise demand.

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The conversation, whilst truly anonymous from the informant's perspective, is logged and fully audited.

Instant Notifications

Investigation teams will receive notifications of new reports and conversation updates from informants.

Digital evidence transfer

If an informant has digital evidence to provide such as email conversations, video, or screenshots these can be attached to reports.

Logging of conversations

All conversations are logged in the system with a simple interface. All the conversations and evidence can easily be exported as required to enable preparation of case files.


Reports and evidence are securely stored in the cloud and encrypted end-to-end. Data is hosted in the same place as UK policing Office 365 capabilities.

Over 20 years of award-winning digital policing development experience

At Digital Rebels, our team have extensive experience in delivering digital solutions for policing, having previously been employed by Avon and Somerset Police.

We are specialists in digital solutions for the public sector.

We understand why products need to be simple to use and fast.  Employees spend too much time wrestling with complex and slow systems that just get in the way of them doing their jobs.

We are changing that with this new product for the public sector, the previous version of which was transformational for the Avon and Somerset Police Professional Standards team.

Scott smiling wearing a white shirt. he has brown hair

“We are passionate about bringing simple yet powerful digital solutions to the public sector. After 21 years doing this within one police force it's time the rest of the public sector benefited from our expertise.”

Scott Fulton
Director - Previously Head of Digital Services with Avon and Somerset Police

Be the first organisation to use the new system and get it half price for the first 12 months

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We won’t spam you, your email is required so we can provide you with details on the product.