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A brand new product for police officers to retrieve evidence with no travelling

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Stop unnecessary travelling to get evidence

Simply send the member of the public a link for them to easily upload any files they need to

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Receive an instant notification when it's ready for download

Transformational for Avon and Somerset, we're building an even better version for you

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches to a completely new, even easier to use version so that forces across the country can benefit from the technology. In Avon and Somerset in just six months, the previous version saved the equivalent of four full time officers working for a full year.

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Evidence is verified for integrity from citizen upload to officer download and is fully traceable.


Simple and familiar interface for citizens and officers based on GOV.UK standards

Support for all file types

Support for all file types including media players and codec files required from CCTV

Instant notifications

Officers are notified immediately when evidence is available to download

Transfer ownership

If an officer is off duty or off sick, ownership can easily be transferred to another officer


Evidence is securely stored in the cloud and encrypted end-to-end

Over 20 years of award-winning digital policing development experience

At Digital Rebels our team have significant experience in delivering digital solutions for policing, having previously been employed by Avon and Somerset Police.

We understand why products need to be simple to use and fast.  Officers spend too much time wrestling with complex and slow systems that just get in the way of them doing their jobs.

We are changing that with this new product, the previous version of which was transformational for A&S officers.

“The best digital service I've used in my entire 20 year career ”

Avon and Somerset Police Officer describing the original version built within the force

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