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The Digital Rebels Agile User Story Masterclass

Thursday 7th April 2022 – 10 am to 11am GMT (10am to 11am UTC)

In this jam-packed live session, you will learn how to write great user stories that will enable you to be one of the most respected product owners your development teams have worked with.

User Story Masterclass Booking – 7th April 2022
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The 1-hour masterclass costs only £30 (approx $40) and includes access to an exclusive download at the end of the course as a handy reference guide. The session is strictly limited to only 10 attendees.

What you will learn

You will finish the hour's session with an understanding of how to write great user stories that have an impact and deliver efficiency to your teams.

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Learn how to write clear and effective user stories

Complex long-winded stories cause confusion for development teams and can waste time with back and forward questions and discussions.

Understand what an EPIC story means and when to use it

Agile methodologies can come with a lot of jargon. You will learn what an EPIC is, and how they differ from normal user stories.

Learn how to use acceptance criteria

These are key for ensuring a user story is fit for the needs of your customers.

Learn why you shouldn't include solutions in your stories

If you do this you will not only frustrate your team but put your product at a disadvantage.

Over 10 years of real world experience compressed into an hour of rich content

Scott has been leading Agile development teams and writing user stories for over a decade as a Product Owner for services with over 2 million annual customers.

He has spoken at numerous Agile Conferences and even recently appeared on an American podcast discussing his Agile journey.

During this hour he will share his knowledge and experience that goes beyond just what you’ll read in the textbooks.

His development teams were highly efficient, highly motivated and he puts that down to being a good product owner that empowers teams with a clear vision and well-crafted user stories.

“I was a product owner at my last role and really related to Scott thanks for an amazing talk”

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Are you ready to take your user story writing to the next level?

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