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Find out why your intranet sucks and what to do about it

Our intranet consulting package can help you identify the action steps to take to significantly improve your intranet and the experience it offers your employees.

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Learn how to produce and maintain content that works for your users

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Find out why your search is awful and what you can do about it

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Unlock the power of user centric thinking to actually get employees to like and value your intranet

Take away a personalised action plan to put what you have learned into action and start to see powerful results

It doesn't have to be this way

We feel your pain. We've been there. Thankfully we know the key areas to focus on to transform your intranet. You'll be glad to hear you often don't need to buy a new one to see significant improvements.

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Content / Information

With evidence-based content governance that keeps content up-to-date, removes out-of-date content and regularly consults with the workforce on their needs, you stand a good chance of attracting and retaining top talent. You also empower your colleagues to be high performing in their roles.


How communication takes place across your organisation affects the engagement, retention and effectiveness of your employees. Your intranet can positively transform how communication takes place across your organisation.


With the workforce spending less time in the office, your intranet can provide a key way for employees to collaborate, solve problems and be involved even if they aren't in the same office or timezone. It can transform the culture of your workforce.

Productivity / Tools

Effective intranets move beyond a "read-only" approach and give employees powerful tools and data to enable high levels of productivity. These can include automation and integration with other products and services.

User experience

A bad user experience will affect the usability of your intranet. Whether the interface is too complicated, you have too much on your homepage or the whole platform is slow. Bad user experience = pain for users. Pain for users is obviously not good! We bring significant experience in building easy to use products and have an eye for detail in how to transform your user experience.

At Digital Rebels, we have over 20 years of digital transformation experience

“Your intranet matters now more than ever.  A bad digital employee experience will not only impact your employees, but also your customers too.

If you want a high performing organisation you need the right digital experience.  This requires the right mindset, method and approach to achieve an effective and sustainable service for your employees that makes a difference.”

Scott Fulton (Winner of five international Intranet awards)
Director, Digital Rebels

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“Scott is one of the smartest people I've worked with. His leadership and user-centric approach on a complex intranet project is no wonder it resulted in winning 5 international awards. I highly recommend him and Digital Rebels for helping you with your digital workplace challenges.”

Haydn Smith
Enterprise Account Director, Interact

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